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Breath and Blood Tests

A breath test or blood test will play an important role in any driver's South Florida DUI case. This test will be the strongest evidence with which law enforcement will attempt to prove you were driving under the influence or with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater,  and every effort will be made to use it to secure a conviction.

You may have submitted to a breath test with a reading above the legal limit,  or may have refused testing altogether.  In each case you will likely face an administrative suspension of your license by the DMV.  

You have the opportunity to challenge the suspension of your driver's license at a Formal DMV hearing,  as well as to separately challenge your criminal charges in court.

Bradley Collins knows Florida's courts and DUI laws and will mount an aggressive defense both in court and through DMV administrative challenges.

Breath tests, and police motives for requesting them can be aggressively challenged in court.  Every individual's weight, health, and other physical attributes combine to create a unique profile, and everyone is affected differently by alcohol, making every breath or blood reading subject to challenge over its accuracy.  

Errors in administering a breath or blood test or in the handling and preservation of a blood sample may impact the accuracy of results and their admissibility in court.

An improperly calibrated or maintained breath testing machine may be cause for breath results to be excluded as evidence by a court altogether.

An illegal stop or detention by the police may be grounds for a court to exclude breath test and blood evidence. 

Bradley M. Collins, P.A. has aggressively challeged Breath Test Evidence and successfully defended DUI charges for more than three decades. 

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